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Shepherdess Warriors - An interesting project of a french series
September 30, 2022

Shepherdess Warriors - An interesting project of a french series

An interesting project for an animated series aimed at a young audience, entirely created by a small animation studio in Nantes, arrives from the other side of the Alps.
The original title is Bergères Guerrières (Shepherdess Warriors), the animated series project based on the comic by Amélie Fléchais and Jonathan Garnier which will come to life at the young French studio L'Incroyable Studio based in Nantes and the production of Vivement Lundi.

Synopsis: 10 years ago the men left the village to join the Great War. Nobody knows what happened to them. The women, left alone, organized themselves and created an order to defend the village, establishing the Shepherdesses Warriors. Molly, just 10, is now old enough to begin her Shepherd Warrior training. And she can't wait to get started...

A project includes 13 half-hour episodes whose pilot concept was directed by Camille Chao, a talented French artist seen in many quality productions since her time as a student at the Pivaut school in Nantes.

Made with two-dimensional animations in a mix of action and fantasy, with style and settings that take us to the north of Europe, the video that presents the project is very interesting.

Here the video:

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