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All Pixar and Disney animated series and spin-off in production
September 13, 2022

All Pixar and Disney animated series and spin-off in production

After discussing the upcoming films for Disney and Pixar studios in yesterday's news [news], today we move on to explore the animated series that the studios are working on.
The studios in Emeryville (California) present what is defined as the first animated series conceived and developed by the Pixar studios (as well as other small productions with relatively short episodes).

It's titled Win or Lose and will feature Will Forte as he voices a man named Dan, a junior high school softball team coach. The production will focus on the lives of the team's protagonists in one of the weeks leading up to the decisive game of the championship. Each episode will tell the same story, but from a different point of view, based on the memories that a particular character has of the events.

Produced by Michael Yates, Carrie Hobson and David Lally, the series is expected in 2023 on the Disney+ platform. Below is a first image:

Moving on to the Disney environment, the Zootopia+ series will be released on November 9, 2022, inspired by the 2016 feature film of the same name.

It is a series of six anthological animated short films, whose stories will be unique and detached from each other and starring some of the characters already known in the film.

The project is led by Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad, already working on the original title, while the individual episodes are already known: "The Real Rodents of Rodentia", "Duke the Musical", "Hopp on Board", "The Godfather of the Bride", "So You Think You Can Prance" and "Dinner Rush".

Here is a collage that features the title and characters:

On D23 Expo last weekend, Disney presented the series Iwj, a series created in collaboration with Kugali, a pan-African entertainment and comics company that should see the light in 2023.

Authors Olufikayo Ziki Adeola, Hamid Ibrahim and Tolu Olowofoyeku explained that the setting is that of Lagos, Nigeria, but in the not too distant future, where colors and technology are an indelible sign of today's society, divided between an island and the mainland. This coming-of-age story centers on Tola, a young heiress from the wealthy island, and her best friend Kole, a self-taught tech-savvy son of the mainland.

Here is the first image and logo presented at the Expo:

Also on the streaming platform of the American giant will arrive in 2023 the series Tiana, a spin-off of the feature film The Princess and the Frog from 2009.

The director and screenwriter of the project is Stella Meghie, while the genre will be comedy/musical just like the original film.

The episodes will show us Tiana in a new adventure after becoming the Princess of Maldonia, but still struggling with her past in New Orleans.

Here is a production concept:

The latest series presented but that we will not see before 2024 is Moana, the first production by Walt Disney Animation Studios Vancouver and based on the 2016 feature film.

Directed by David G. Derrick Jr., the story of the series will follow the story of the film with explorations in the South Pacific but will have more of a musical setting.

Following the logo:

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