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The Goon is still alive and will be produced by... Netflix!
July 26, 2022

The Goon is still alive and will be produced by... Netflix!

The project dates back to 2008, to bring the comic The Goon [news] into animations. Good news finally arrives.
The Goon is the project of the film made with CG animations thanks to the producer and director Tim Miller (Love, Death & Robots) and its Blur Studios, with the collaboration of director Jeff Fowler (Sonic the Hedgehog, Gopher Broke).

The project ended up in the group of those Fox property titles then purchased by Disney that the latter had no intention of developing and, therefore, abandoned.

At the last Comic-Con Int. to talk to The Goon is the same Tim Miller, announcing that the title has resumed its production in a new home: Netflix.

And a director has already been found, Patrick Osborne (Feast; Pearl; Love, Death + Robots - Three Robots: Exit Strategies), already working on the script together with the 'author of the comic Eric Powell.

Published by Dark Horse Comics since 2003, the story mixes comedy, violence and flashes of the paranormal. The protagonists are Goon, an orphan who grew up in a circus, and Franky, a cowardly boy who becomes Goon's best friend.

"I'm personally thrilled to introduce myself", says Patrick Osborne, "as the newest member of the Goon Movie team and the new captain at the helm! Working with team at Blur on Love Death and Robots directing Exit Strategies was a joy, and I can't wait to work with Tim, Jeff, and Eric to make something special. I've loved the The Goon for a long time. There is no series of comics out there like it and I can't wait to make it an equally singular film. Eric and I have already started digging in. We're laser focused on shaping the script into something great true to the comics - something like no one's ever seen on screen before".

Waiting other news, here a concept clip created in 2010:

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