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A strange uncle in the anime Uncle from Another World
July 5, 2022

A strange uncle in the anime Uncle from Another World

The streaming platform Netflix presents us with a new and long trailer of the anime Uncle from Another World a few weeks after its premiere.
Autumn 2017.

Hit by a truck at just 17, Takafumi's uncle suddenly wakes up from a coma 17 years later. In the hospital, the nephew observes his uncle muttering nonsense and declaring that he has returned from another world called "GRAN-BAHAMAL".

In short, he seems to have lost his mind...

Takafumi is speechless, but his uncle proves that he really was in another dimension using magic. Determined to use his uncle's new powers to earn a living and having no other relatives to turn to, Takafumi welcomes him into the house and the two begin to share an apartment.

Living with his uncle, Takafumi learns of his fantastic adventures and his boundless love for SEGA video games. But those tales of solitary and tragic experiences at the same time fill Takafumi with joy and sadness.

Two men of two different generations try to become the creators of video content in this new and extravagant comedy series set in a small apartment.

Uncle from Another World will be available on July 20th. Here is the second trailer:

[ Fra - source Netflix ]
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