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The music of Nicola Piovani in the film Forbidden to Dogs and Italians
June 29, 2022

The music of Nicola Piovani in the film Forbidden to Dogs and Italians

A co-production between French, Italian and Swiss studios gives life to the stop-motion film titled Forbidden to Dogs and Italians of which we see the trailer below.
Early 20th century, in the Ughetto family's home village, Ughettera, Northern Italy. Life in the region had become very difficult and the Ughettos dreamed of a better life abroad. Legend has it that Luigi Ughetto crossed the Alps and started a new life in France, thus changing his beloved family's destiny forever. His grandson retraces their story.

The feature has already been screened at some festivals, including Annecy where it won the Jury award and the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution.

The original title is Interdit aux chiens et aux Italiens, directed by Alain Ughetto with the screenplay written by Ughetto together with Alexis Galmot and Anne Paschetta, made with stop-motion animations and the music of the Oscar winner italian composer Nicola Piovani.

Distributed by Gebeka Films, here is the trailer and a poster:

[ Fra - source Annecy ]
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