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Sport and friendship in the new Seven Arcs anime
May 25, 2022

Sport and friendship in the new Seven Arcs anime

A new anime coming this summer is titled Extreme Hearts which mixes sports and friendships. Below info and three videos.
The new Masaki Tsuzuki anime produced at the Seven Arcs studios is titled Extreme Hearts, with the story set in the very near future, where the Hyper Sports, which use extreme gear as support objects, have become popular competitions with both youngsters and adults. Hiyori Hayama is a high school singer who has nothing to do with these sports, but an accident sets the story in motion, a story that tells the meeting of her greatest friends.

Director of the series is Junji Nishimura (Dog Days', Bakuon!!) on an original story by Tsuzuki, featuring character designs by Waki ​​Ikawa and the animation adaptation by Issei Aragaki (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation, Vladlove). Chief animation directors are Aragaki and Kana Hashidate and composer of the music EFFY. The opening song "Infinite" is sung by actress Miho Okasaki.

Expected at home from July 9, here is a trailer and two more videos:

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