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Germany's most popular children's books in animation - Moonbound
May 12, 2022

Germany's most popular children's books in animation - Moonbound

A new all-European animation film Moonbound is presented to the international market. Below trailer and infos.
The international title is Moonbound (in German Peterchens Mondfahrt) the feature film, based on the 1915 story by Gerdt Von Bassewitz "Little Peter's Journey to the Moon", is directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi and with the screenplay written by the director himself together with Arne Nolting.

It is an Austrian-German co-production between Brave New Work, Coop99 Filmproduktion and Little Dream Entertainment studios with a budget of 7.6 million euros and presented in German theaters last March.

The story stars the two brothers Peter and Anne. In the middle of the night, Peter, a young space nerd, discovers that Anne, his little sister all spice and fantasy, has disappeared. Immediately looking for him, he is magically catapulted to Starry Field, where the Sleep Man and Ronzolino, an incredible talking beetle, convince him that Anne is being held captive on the Moon by the evil Moon Man. To save his sister from the clutches of this lunar monster, he will need the help of a "dream team", made up of the Man of the Sleep, a tender old man suffering from sudden narcolepsy, and Ronzolino, who he pretends to be dead at the first danger.

Here the international trailer:

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