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Headspace - A fantastic voyage from South Africa
March 9, 2022

Headspace - A fantastic voyage from South Africa

A new animated film produced entirely by two studios in South Africa is presented in Europe. Below info and trailers.
The English label SC Films International has included in its catalog of family titles the rights to the film Headspace, an action/adventure film made with CG animations and produced by South African studios Luma Animation and The Ergo Company.

Directed by Paul Meyer and Gerhard Painter and written by the same directors together with Daniel Buckland and Ronald Henry, the film tells of an interstellar escape of three members of the Space Protection Force in their microscopic spacecraft that ends in planet earth, and more precisely inside the glass of a sixteen year old who, after drinking it, finds these little aliens in his brain unaware of everything. The boy, managed from within his body, will enlist his friends to save Earth from a galactic criminal who has taken control of their principal.

A story for the whole family that mixes the classic Fantastic Voyage (1966) and Men In Black (1997) that African distributor Indigenous Film Distribution will hit home theaters by the end of the year, with probable releases in Europe in early 2023.

To see the first promo click on the image below:

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