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DOTA: Davion and Princess Mirana are ready to return in Book Two
January 7, 2022

DOTA: Davion and Princess Mirana are ready to return in Book Two

The animated series produced by Netflix together with the software house Valve is ready to return with the second season. Below trailer and release date.
DOTA: Dragon's Blood is the series set in the universe of DOTA2, the video games developed by Valve, made with animations of the Koreans Studio MIR, will be available with new episodes in a few weeks.

"In the aftermath of the battle for the Nightsilver Woods all our characters set off on more adventures, for the Dark Powers, for the Dragons and for all of man kind."

These are the few words that announce the second season, called "Book Two", which the streaming platform announces for next 18 January.

The first few episodes received good reviews, with 7.9/10 on Imdb, 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3 on Metacritic.

Here the new trailer:

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