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First 15 minutes of the last Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution anime
November 17, 2021

First 15 minutes of the last Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution anime

Bandai Namco has posted a video online with the first 15 minutes of the anime film that closes the Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution trilogy. Below the video.
In international territory Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution (in Japan Kokyoshihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution) is the name of the trilogy and of the final film that will arrive in Japanese theaters on November 26 and in 2022 in foreign markets.

The third film's story is set 10 years after the end of the previous film's "Great Unification," which brought the people from the virtual world inside the Scub Coral into the real world. The population of the world is now divided into the Green Earth, the people from the Scub Coral world; and the Blue Earth, the people of the real world. Their co-existence is far from peaceful, with many conflcits behind the scenes unfolding. Eureka, hated by the world as a symbol and origin of the world's division, now works as a top military operative in the U.N. covert ops agency A.C.I.D., still fighting to protect a fragile peace as a form of atonement.

Expected as early as 2019 and then moved due to production delays and then due to the pandemic, the film is directed by Tomoki Kyoda and written by Yuuichi Nomura, with animations produced by well-known BONES studios.

We offer you an almost 9 minutes video that looks back on the Eureka Seven franchise's history with the first film arrived in Japanese theaters in 2017 and the second in 2018:

And below the 15-minute preview of the third and final film:

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