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New video clip of the Norwegian feature film Titina
November 3, 2021

New video clip of the Norwegian feature film Titina

The animated feature film that we have followed since the beginning of its production, Titina, comes with a new video clip that we show you below.
The film is directed by Kajsa Nęss and written by Per Schreiner, Oslo studios' first production Mikrofilm (Oscar winners for short The Danish Poet) co-produced with the Belgians of Vivi Film.

Already presented in some European markets, this week it will be on stage at the American Film Market, while one of the first release dates currently announced is October 2022 in Norway.

Based on real events, the film tells the story of a 1920s airship expedition to the North Pole. On board the ship are the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and the Italian aviator Umberto Nobile, as well as the latter's dog, Titina, with her mute but expressive presence.

In the new clip, we see her reaction as the airship swoops down on St. Peter's Basilica in Rome:

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