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Two new anime series spin-offs from Detective Conan
October 6, 2021

Two new anime series spin-offs from Detective Conan

The legendary Japanese detective as a child expands with two new anime spin-offs. Below the first information and promo.
Two different anime spin-offs of the young and well-known Detective Conan have been announced by Shogakukan , starring two manga characters.

The first will be Detective Conan: Hannin no Hanzawa-san (The Culprit Hanzawa), a comic series that follows the life of the criminal represented by the "black silhouette", a figure used in the original manga to represent the culprit without revealing his features. A character who has become real and the protagonist of some volumes published since 2017.

The second project is Detective Conan: Zero no Tea Time (Zero's Tea Time) which follows the life of Tooru Amuro, a multi-faceted character who lives three different lives as an agent of police, member of the Black Organization and bar worker. Zero's Tea Time first appeared in 2018 with volumes published while the main manga of Detective Conan was on hiatus.

This makes three productions linked to the franchise to which is added the other spin-off Wild Police Story announced last August.

The release dates of these new productions have not yet been announced nor the studios that will produce the animations.

Detective Conan is one of the most well-known and long-lived Japanese manga and anime that debuted in January 1996 and this year has reached the milestone of 1000 episodes and 1000 manga chapters, numbers and celebrities shared only with One Piece.

Here the promo:

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