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Inside Job - The world's conspiracy in an animated comedy series
September 28, 2021

Inside Job - The world's conspiracy in an animated comedy series

Among the new features of Netflix announced last weekend there is also the new comedy series for adults Inside Job of which we show you the trailer.
Inside Job is the title of the new animated series produced by Netflix Animation whose production began in April 2019 and conceived and developed by Shion Takeuchi (Gravity Falls and Regular Show author) and produced by Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls creator).

The series, aimed at an adult audience, is set inside the offices of the shadow government organization called Cognito Inc., an organization that manages all kinds of conspiracies around the world. Among the protagonists there is a tenacious woman who struggles to keep the level of seriousness in the office high, a genius of technology and her partner but also reptilians, shapeshifters, psychic mushrooms and much more.

The first season will be available on the popular streaming platform from October 22.

Here the first trailer:

[ Fra - source Netflix ]
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