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Second video for the anime Takt Op. Destiny by Mappa and Madhouse
September 21, 2021

Second video for the anime Takt Op. Destiny by Mappa and Madhouse

At the beginning of the summer we presented the first video of the anime Takt Op. Destiny [news] made for the 10th anniversary of the animation studio Mappa.
This is an original work created by DeNA and Ouji Hiroi (Sakura Wars), under the direction of Yuuki Itoh, the character design by LAM, the animations conceived by Reiko Nagasawa and the music created by Yoshihiro Ike. The animations instead are made in tandem by the studios Mappa and Madhouse.

The story takes us into the future, in 2047 when a meteorite brings monsters called D2 to earth that decimate mankind. These monsters forbid any form of music as the only weapon that can defeat them, but some people manage to resist the tyranny, such as young women who possess special powers, the "Musicarts", often led by conductors. The anime will feature two of these characters, in America, traveling to New York with the aim of destroying D2.

A project that will cover other media such as the world of video games while the anime will debut next October 5th in Japan.

Here the new trailer with a sneak peek of the opening song and two new visuals:

[ Fra - source ANN ]
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