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World's End Harem
August 24, 2021

World's End Harem

Among the numerous and imaginative stories that the Japanese authors have imagined, there is also one in which they imagine a future composed almost exclusively of women.
A new anime titled World's End Harem, based on the sci-fi manga of the same name by Kotaro Shono, is shown with a trailer a few months after its airing.

The story is set in Tokyo in 2040, the year in which a boy named Reito, due to an incurable disease, decides to freeze to await the cure. Awakened five years later, he finds a completely changed world. A deadly virus has decimated 99.9% of the men on the planet leaving a harem of 5 million women for each of the 5 men who remained immune to the virus. One of them is the newly awakened boy who will have to repopulate the world but will also remain involved in a global conspiracy.

Directing the anime is Yuu Nobuta at Studio Gokumi and Axsiz; the script is written by Tatsuya Takahashi, Masaru Koseki is in charge of character design and Shigenobu Ookawa is the author of the music.

Expected for October, here's the trailer (watch it on YouTube):

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