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AnimeShort: Aurore
June 1, 2021

AnimeShort: Aurore

Searching for the best short films in Europe, one of the latest just released is Aurore, a short that Animeshort introduces us below.
"Ever since I was little, I dreamt of various ends of the world, but it never made me sad. I found it inspiring and relaxing. This is the feeling I wanted to put across in Aurore. I wanted to make the end of the world seem beautiful, aesthetic" - Clément Soulmagnon

Animated at Brunch studio by Elie Martens, Camille Sallan, Léo Schweitzer, Leyla Kaddoura, Théo Tran Ngoc, Vincent Albert and by the director himself Clément Soulmagnon, here the short film in full version:

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Texts license rules
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