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Record of Ragnarok - The Valhalla tournament kicks off in June
May 25, 2021

Record of Ragnarok - The Valhalla tournament kicks off in June

It is shortly before the arrival of the new anime Record of Ragnarok to all the fans of the well-known streaming platform. Below a new and long trailer.
This mega-popular manga series with over 6 million copies in print finally receives an anime adaptation! Representatives from throughout human history take on the world’s deities in 13 one-on-one battles - and the fate of humanity is at stake! Bringing this intense world to the screen is Graphinica, the animation studio behind "Juni Taisen: Zodiac War" and "Hello World", who have depicted many fierce 3D CG battles in anime such as "Blade of the Immortal", "Promare" and "Girls und Panzer". A thrilling and transcendent battle-action anime explodes onto the screen!

Directed by Masao Okubo, with the composition of Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, the story takes us to the last Congress of Valhalla held every 1000 years in which the gods voted to unanimity for the extinction of the human race after 7 million years. The only ones to oppose are the Valkyries, whose leader, Brunhilde, reminds the gods that in such cases humanity is granted one last chance, represented by the Ragnarok tournament: thirteen human fighters and thirteen divine fighters must battle until the death in an arena.

Streaming starts from June 17 worldwide, only on Netflix.

Here the new trailer:

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