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Trailer for Rock Dog 2 - Rock Around the Park
May 3, 2021

Trailer for Rock Dog 2 - Rock Around the Park

From Tibet to the world of Rock, the dog Bodi is ready to return with Rock Dog 2 - Rock Around the Park, the film of which we show you the trailer below.
Based on the popular Chinese comic book "Tibetan Rockdog" by Zheng Jun the film is made by ReDefine, studios owned by DNEG, with the direction of Mark Baldo (Legend of the Three Caballeros) and the story written by Alec Sokolow (Toy Story, Garfield 1 and 2).

One year after the events of the original Rock Dog, Bodi and his band, True Blue, have become locally famous in the village of Snow Mountain - they even have devoted fans! But when a music mogul named Lang gives them the opportunity to tour with pop sensation Lil' Foxy, Bodi and his friends learn that fame comes at a price, and ultimately discover that only by staying true to yourself can you unleash the power of rock 'n' roll!

The film will be available directly in home video (DVD/Blu-ray) and digital from June 11.

Here the trailer:

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