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New trailer for the interesting Ukrainian fantasy film Mavka
March 1, 2021

New trailer for the interesting Ukrainian fantasy film Mavka

We showed the first animations almost four years ago [news] of this interesting animated project produced entirely by a Ukrainian studio. Today we take a look at a new trailer.
The main character of the story is the Mavka of the title, the spirit of the forest, the very incarnation of the forest, complex and mysterious, but also strong and combative when the occasion calls for it. Together with her we meet Lukash, a young man with a love of music who lives on a farm near the forest. The meeting between him and Mavka is a magical moment that sets the spark between the two. Threatening their world is Evilyn with the opening of a sawmill on the edge of the forest, the one who wants to steal the heart of the forest.

The film Mavka - The Forest Song is inspired by a classic Ukrainian poem and directed by Oleksandra Ruban and Oleg Malamuzh at the Kiev studios Animagrad with excellent animations in Computer Graphics. A fantasy with naturalistic messages also supported by the WWF.

Expected to be completed this year, will hit theaters in 2022, pre-sold at Cartoon Movie already to over 20 markets.

Here the new trailer:

[ Fra - source CartoonBrew ]
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