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AnimeShort: Windup
February 4, 2021

AnimeShort: Windup

Today Animeshort presents you an animated short film made entirely with software that allows you to view animations and scenes in real time.
The tool is Unity, a cross-platform "graphics engine" mainly used to make video games, but which is increasingly used in the world of cinema and animation.

In this case the work is made by the Chinese director Yibing Jiang, on a story he wrote, and by a small staff of artists from ten different countries, all connected remotely and in part-time and with a small budget they managed to complete this project started in 2018.

Windup is a ten-minutes delicate animated short film about the bond between a loving father and his sick daughter.

The real-time rendering of images and scenes has allowed (practically) to eliminate those dead times that the largest studios have using the more classic rendering systems that need hours for a scene of a few seconds.

Tools like Unity (like Unreal Engine but also Blender) allow you to control the animations, the setting, the movement of the cameras, lights and effects special all at the same time.

Here the complete short film:

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