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In development the animated series The Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider...
January 28, 2021

In development the animated series The Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider...

Two networks are working on new animated series from major franchises. In particular we talk about the Game of Thrones, Tomb Rider and Skull Island.
The first production is linked to the important franchise inspired by the books of the same name by George R.R. Martin which HBO has exported all over the world and has already in production two live-action prequel series (Bloodmoon and House of the Dragon).

The Game of Thrones animated series is still in its early stages of production, directed mainly to the network's streaming channel (HBO Max) and in the hands of the director of dramatic productions by HBO Francesca Orsi and her group. The first information concerns the dramatic tones that this series will have, very "close to those of the original series" reported the group, who also added that they are working with the author Martin (who has a huge contract with Warner Media, owner of HBO).

The premises therefore indicate a series dedicated only to an adult audience.

The other two series, Tomb Rider and Skull Island, were announced by Netflix together with Legendary Television (owner of the franchises).

Skull Island will be a new chapter in the Legendary's MonsterVerse franchise and will focus on a group of shipwrecked characters as they desperately try to escape from the most dangerous place on Earth: the mysterious island that is home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest titan, Kong.

The series will be written and produced by Brian Duffield together with Jacob Robinson for their production company Tractor Pants. The animations are produced by Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania, Blood of Zeus).

The second series, with the working title Tomb Raider, will feature the icon of the video games of the same name Lara Croft with new adventures that will follow the events after the last video game Shadow of the Tomb Raider of 2018.

The series, written and produced by Tasha Huo (The Witcher: Blood Origin, Red Sonja), will trace the latest and greatest adventures of the globetrotting heroine as she continues to explore new territories.

We remind you that Legendary and Netflix are already collaborating on the animated series Pacific Rim: The Black, linked to the sci-fi film franchise produced by Guillermo del Toro whose first episodes should be released later this year.

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