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First trailer for Gilgamesh - film created with Unreal Engine
January 25, 2021

First trailer for Gilgamesh - film created with Unreal Engine

There is always a first time for everyone, even for Epic Games, the software house of the video games Fortnite and Unreal, which also enters the world of animated productions.
Epic Games is now entering this production together with the Argentine studios Hook Up Animation and DuermeVela and FilmShark, together with a budget of $100 million to produce the animated feature Gilgamesh.

The story is based on the eponymous hero of Mesopotamian mythology starring the demigod Gilgamesh in his quest for immortality; a journey that he will make together with a savage man named Enkidu.

An action film that will be produced in both Spanish and English and made by the Buenos Aires studios Hook Up Animation, one of the most important in the Latin American continent already working for Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros, which will create Gilgamesh using the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games as the rendering engine.

Expected to be released worldwide in 2022, here's the first trailer:

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