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Trailer for Sakugan - new Satelight anime
January 19, 2021

Trailer for Sakugan - new Satelight anime

The official website of anime Sakugan, a new series from Japanese studios Satelight, presents the official trailer, opening songs and more.
The anime Sakugan (Sacks&Guns) is based on the Nekotaro Inui novel Sakugan Labyrinth Marker, and is set in a distant future where humans are bound underground, in an underground world called the "Labyrinth". A curious nine-year-old girl named Memenpu lives in a colony with her father Gagamba, simple workers. But the aspirations of the little girl are other. She wants to become a "marker", a sort of speleologist who traces the great labyrinth in which they live, in search of her mother who abandoned them long ago. A very profitable but also very dangerous job, in which it is easy to face with huge lethal creatures.

Leading the project is the director Jun'ichi Wada. The character designer is Yuji Iwahara and the animations supervisor Shunpei Mochizuki. The conceptual design is the work of Kazuma Koda and the best known Shoji Kawamori instead the author of the design of the kaiju.

Originally scheduled to release in 2020 and then canceled due to the pandemic, the anime's new release date now announced is Autumn 2021.

Here is the official trailer with English subs in which we also listen to the opening song "Kо̄kotsu Labyrinth" by Masaaki Endoh:

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