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The Gools - a Persian legend lands in China and the USA
January 7, 2021

The Gools - a Persian legend lands in China and the USA

An animated feature film made entirely in Iran is about to land in Chinese and American theaters. Below the original trailer for The Gools.
Martial arts play a central role in this film. Based on a Persian legend, the story takes place in a realm where anthropomorphized animals live, where predators and prey live in a precarious balance. The most fragile animals have opened their own dojo where they train for their own defense. And just three little goats will have to bring out all their courage to restore peace to the kingdom.

The film is inspired by the 2000s short titled "Shangoul and Mangoul", but from the trailer we also find designs and ideas from Disney's Zootopia.

The Gools is directed by Farzad Dalvand and animated at the Tehran (Iran) based studios Aria Animation and is expected to arrive in America next February and in Chinese theaters in August 2021 with the title "Kung Fu Gools" (with the clear reference to martial arts to attract the Asian people).

Here the trailer and a poster:

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