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Kid Cosmic - the new animated series from The Powerpuff Girls author
January 5, 2021

Kid Cosmic - the new animated series from The Powerpuff Girls author

Among the new animated series coming to Netflix will also be the new series created by Craig McCracken (The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory together with Genndy Tartakovsky) which is titled Kid Cosmic.
Kid, a weird and ingenious 9-year-old boy who lives with his nonconformist grandfather in a sparsely populated city, accidentally finds 5 cosmic rings of power in the wreck of a spaceship. By activating them, he sends a signal about the location of the most powerful and sought after artifacts in the cosmos. Now the Earth is about to become the scene of an epic battle for absolute power! Kid gives the rest of the mighty rings to the townspeople who get good ... even if they keep making trouble.

Developed by Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust, the series is produced by Mercury Filmworks studios (the same as the Hilda series. ) and from Netflix.

The first season of 10 episodes of 22 minutes will be available on the streaming platform from February 2nd.

Here the a long preview:

[ Fra - source Netflix ]
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