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Trailer for the Peruvian animated film Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon
December 10, 2020

Trailer for the Peruvian animated film Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon

An interesting work comes from Peru, the animated film Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon of which we show you the trailer immediately following.
The work, still in progress, is made with excellent 3D animations directed by José Zelada and Richard Claus, on a story written by Zelada himself. Producing the animations are the studios Tunche Films, Katuni Animation and Cool Beans.

The story revolv around an Amazonian myth story, a young adventurous girl named Ainbo saves her jungle paradise in the Amazon from loggers and miners. Ainbo is guided by the Mother Spirit in the Amazon - Motelo Mama. She is aided by her animal spirits, skinny armadillo Dillo and the heavy-set tapir Vaca.

An ecological and naturalistic message very dear not only to the inhabitants of what is considered the "green lung" of the world, but to all the inhabitants of the earth, even more evident in recent years due to the choices of the new president of Brazil.

Presented at numerous festivals from next spring, it will hit all markets by the end of 2021.

Here a teaser trailer:

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