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Bones on a skateboard on its new anime series
November 12, 2020

Bones on a skateboard on its new anime series

The new anime produced by well-known animation studios Bones is titled SK8 the Infinity and will take us into the world of skateboarding competitions. Below the video.
In Japan it will be released with the title SK followed by an "8" lying down, the symbol "infinity", but internationally it will be titled SK8 the Infinity the new original anime directed from Hiroko Utsumi (Banana Fish, Free!) with animations from studio Bones (Eureka Seven, My Hero Academia), and the skateboard design by Studio No Border.

The stories revolve around high school student Reki, who loves skateboarding and who is suddenly involved in a dangerous underground race called "S" which takes place in an abandoned mine. A race without rules in which there are all kinds of participants, from disloyal ones to artificial intelligences and others who will compete in a skate battle.

On air from January 9, 2021 on the ABC TV and TV Asahi networks, here are a complete trailer a visual:

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