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Mulan in Kung Fu version in CG from China
Mulan in Kung Fu version in CG from China
Tired of the Disney versions of Mulan? After the animated classic and the latest live-actino film, a Chinese animation studios produces an action version: Kung Fu Mulan.
The story is always that of the daughter who wants to honor her father and leaves disguised as a boy for the war, set in a medieval China of over 1500 years ago, a story repeatedly brought to large and small screens.

Just this year the Disney studios released the new high-budget film with real actors, but a new version will arrive in Chinese cinemas in a week, all animated in CG titled Kung Fu Mulan.

The film is directed by Xi Chen and produced by Gold Valley Films, a Chinese animation studio that also has creative partners in Los Angeles.

The release date in home theaters is very close to that of the Disney film because this one has been postponed several times due to the pandemic. But advertising tends to strike Chinese audiences with the tagline: "Real China. Real Mulan", promising a story closer to the myth of the Chinese warrior.

Here a trailer and a poster:

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