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Echo Boy, Undone S2, Apollo 10 1/2 - the future is Rotoscoping
Echo Boy, Undone S2, Apollo 10 1/2 - the future is Rotoscoping
Among the many animation techniques dedicated to an adult audience, the most prominent is Rotoscoping, which is increasingly appreciated and used. Among the first studios specializing in this technique are the Dutch Submarine.
And the studios based in Amsterdam announce that they are working on new and interesting projects, some already announced and others not, all made with the technique of Rotoscoping, or a sort of "tracing" frame after frame on live-action scenes.

The new production is based on the 2014 science fiction novel by Matt Haig, Echo Boy, a series that will be created using the same techniques used for Undone, excellent animated series produced by Amazon Prime Video which season two is currently on filming (with a reduced crew in Los Angeles).

The story of Echo Boy is set in 2115 where the life of the adolescent Audrey Castle is turned upside down by the murder of his parents by the robot "Echo", a seemingly malfunctioning humanoid helper. Audrey will then also have to deal with "Daniel", the next model of robot capable of also thinking and feeling emotions.

On board this new production also Tommy Pallotta, veteran of the sector, Undone producer and development of this animation technique together with the director Richard Linklater for his A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life films.

Submarine studios besides the two previously mentioned series will also produce the animations of the new Linklater series Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure which we talked about last week [news].

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