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VIEW Conference 2020 - free online session between RenderMan and VFX
VIEW Conference 2020 - free online session between RenderMan and VFX
Start the engines for the third free online session of VIEW Conference 2020!. Dylan Sisson, RenderMan Evangelist of Pixar studios, talks with Ian Failes, VFX expert.
In this third PreVIEW, Sisson will tell us about the latest technical innovations of the rendering program born right inside the Emeryville studios. Starting from the making of the latest Pixar production Onward you will get a glimpse of the incredible NPR tools (non-photorealistic rendering) currently in development in Pixar and which promise to definitively consecrate RenderMan as an ideal tool for any type of need, from the photorealistic image to any other style, including comics, souls and pictorial effects.

Dylan Sisson is a digital artist with over 25 years of experience in VFX and animation, who began his career animating commercials and creating RPGs for the Sony Playstation. After Dylan's independent animation won the award for "Best Computer Animated Short" at the Animar Festival in 1999, Dylan joined Pixar Animation Studios where he has been engaged in the evangelization of Pixar's RenderMan. Dylan is also the creator and designer of the RenderMan Walking Teapot.

To participate in this free session click on this link.

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