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There is still hope for the film The Goon
There is still hope for the film The Goon
Since 2010, the animated film The Goon, based on the comic with the same name published by Dark Horse, has been discussed, and its producers return after an year with new developments and some storyboards.
The Goon is the project of the film that will be made with CG animations thanks to the producer and director Tim Miller (Deadpool, Love, Death & Robots) and director Jeff Fowler (Sonic the Hedgehog, Gopher Broke), while the animations will be produced by the amazing Blur Studios (founded by Miller himself).

After an first fundraising on Kickstarter, updates were published on the same page with some new storyboard tables. Here is the message:

"It's been a while since our last news and we're sorry about that. If you think we suck - that's a fair assessment and If you feel we've let you all down - that's totally understandable. And listen... we are well aware of the completely ridiculous time it's taken us to get this film made - yes, that clock is still ticking - and we're truly sorry to have been a disappointment thus far.

BUT... we want you to know that we haven't even THOUGHT about GIVING UP. We will absolutely keep at it until we get this film made.

Eric is, at this very moment, working on script revisions and things are still moving forward. It's true... we've had a few setbacks - like Disney buying Fox and of course there's no fucking way Disney would make a GOON film - but we have and will continue to keep pushing past this shit until it's done. Adult animation gets hotter every day and we're very actively stoking that fire with our shows like LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS. And it's working - believe me, the difference between the excitement we hear pitching Goon now and the fear we heard when we began development (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) is huge. Fewer doors are closed and more minds are open.

So please keep the faith - the Goon Movie will happen."

Its great the message directed to the new owners of the Fox studios that would never and never produce an animated film for an adult audience with strong scenes and language, a "little" far from the production of the big D.

Here the new storyboard:

[ Fra - source ComingSoon ]
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