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AnimeShort: The Orchestra
March 09, 2020
AnimeShort: The Orchestra
Let's start the week well by taking a moment to relax with an animated short film that presents us with our section Animeshort. We are ready to dive into a world of music with The Orchestra.
The short film, made mainly with two-dimensional animations and a few filtered 3D intrusions, takes us to a world where everything is composed of good music. Each person has his own soundtrack played in real time by small alter-egos of himself. The protagonist of the story is Vernon, disconsolate gentleman who lives alone and whose music does nothing but clash.

The short is directed by Mikey Hill and he himself wrote together with Jennifer Smith, with the soundtrack composed by Jamie Messenger and the production of the Feather Films, developed and funded with the assistance of Screen Australia.

Awarded in many festivals all over the world, here is the short film in full version:

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