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Dino Girl Gauko - a new anime by Crayon Shin-chan creator
Dino Girl Gauko - a new anime by Crayon Shin-chan creator
A new anime series is about to populate the Netflix archive. It is titled Dino Girl Gauko, a new comedy that will be available in a few days and of which we show you the first animations.
Born from the mind of Akira Shigino, Crayon Shin-chan creator and director, and produced by Hitoshi Mogi, the series is set in Japan, and follows Naoko, a typical 14-year old, except for her strange gift/curse. When her anger exceeds a maximum level, she transforms into Gauko the fire-breathing dinosaur girl.

The first season will consist of 20 episodes of 7 minutes each, made with simple two-dimensional animations (the same used for Crayon Shin-chan series).

Available on the popular streaming platform on November 22, here the first trailer:

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