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Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss in a tv series on Netflix
November 04, 2019
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss in a tv series on Netflix
Netflix is ready to release, in a few days, a brand new original series inspired by the works of the immortal Dr. Seuss (The Grinch, Lorax, Horton ect.). Below the trailer.
Heroes aren't born, they're poached, scrambled, and fried...

The story you know is just the start. This new adventure is off the charts. Hit the road with a whole new crew. There's Sam, Guy, and a Chickeraffe too.

But how'd we turn this 50-word, Seussian spiel into a 13-episode meal? Our recipe starts "Here" and definitely goes "There." We added a "Box" full of "Fox", a "Boat" load of "Goat," and a "Mouse," on the "House." Try it in the "Rain" on a "Train" or go far in your "Car" to find a spot to park and stream it in the "Dark." Because, in case you were unaware, this show's miles ahead of "Anywhere!"

The animated series Green Eggs and Ham, produced by Ellen DeGeneres, with the animations produced by Warner Bros. Animation, will be served on November 8 on Netflix.

Here the trailer:

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