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Home Edition for Lupin The 3rd - Goodbye Partner
February 21, 2019
Home Edition for Lupin The 3rd - Goodbye Partner
The last and 26th Lupin the 3rd Special TV is Lupin The 3rd - Goodbye Partner, now ready for the home version (Blu-ray & DVD). Below the announcing trailer.
Always produced by TMS Entertaiment, this special follows Lupine III Italian Game (25th), but has a much more particular and above all original story (the first one after about 6 years), where we find Lupin the 3rd wearing a black jacket and having to digest the betrayal of his friend and gunfighter Jigen, who want to fight against Lupin. The swordsman Goemon, irate, can not forgive his friend's betrayal too.

The anime is directed by Jun Kawagoe (Rupan Sansei - Otakara henkyaku daisakusen!, Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman) and written by Takehiko Hata, with the character design and the animation supervision by Hirotaka Marufujič, and the soundtrack composed by Yuji Ohnocompone.

Broadcast on Japanese TV on January 25th, the home edition will be available on March 20th.

Here the announcing trailer:

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