Event: Monkey Punch

Date: May 26
[ May 26, 1937 / April 16, 2019 ]

Born May 26, 1937 in Hokkaido in Japan. His real name is Kazuhiko KatÚ, a mangaka or a Japanese comic book author, an author and even a director.

Before embarking on the profession of draftsman he was employed as an X-ray engineer at the Kushiro Red Cross Hospital. Incidentally, the hospital director, Shunichi Michishita, noticed his talent as a cartoonist and encouraged him to continue on that path.
So it was that in 1965 Katou Kazuhiko published his first story, Playboy Nyumon (How to become a playboy) on the Manga Story magazine. Two years later, using the pseudonym of Monkey Punch, he began two manga series in the Manga Action Weekly magazine.

The first series was entitled Pinky Punky and spoke of a disturbing private investigator grappling with her arch-enemy, a mad perverted scientist. The success was discreet.
The second series instead became one of the classics of the manga culture, not only in Japan, but all over the world: it was Lupin The 3rd. Monkey Punch thought to exhaust the saga of Lupin with only one series but thanks to the success of the gentleman thief he created other series.

He currently resides in Tokyo, where he leads a quiet life, thanks above all to the profits that continue to come from the exploitation of rights on Lupin.
Already famous, he enrolled at the university where he graduated in communication sciences and is a professor of comics.

[ Source: Wikipedia ]
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