Event: Bruno Bozzetto

Date: March 3
Born March 3, 1938 in Milan.

His first film is Tapum! The history of the weapons of 1958. It is 1960 An Oscar for Mr. Rossi, the first film starring this small and choleric character. In 1965 he released West & Soda, a parody of the western genre and the third Italian animated feature. Vip mio fratello superuomo, a comedy remake of the superhero genre, very popular at the time, dates back to 1968.

After this second feature, many advertising films for Carosello and comic and satirical short films follow. Among his works, the best known is perhaps the third feature film, Allegro non troppo (1976), inspired by Fantasia by Walt Disney, which stands out for a more humorous and more targeted approach, as well as for lower production costs. Here classical music, rather than generating images, is the prestigious soundtrack to the assembly of rapid sequences. The interludes between an execution and the other are shot from life, with the italian actor Maurizio Nichetti as the protagonist.

The official website is: www.bozzetto.com

[ Source: Wikipedia ]
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