Event: John Lasseter

Date: January 12
Born in Hollywood on January 12, 1957, right in the birthplace of blockbusters, his passion immediately took off thanks to the encouragement of his mother, a teacher of drawing. In the years he attended high school, John was the second student admitted to the animation program hosted by Disney at Calarts, a center for the study of artistic disciplines. Both animated films made during the course of study are awarded with the Student Academy Award. At the end of his studies he is hired within one of the animation departments of Mickey's house.

The years to come will be very important for many experiments with colleague Glen Keane who saw together traditional animations mixed with computer graphics.
In 1984, after visiting Pixar, the animation studios born from the acquisition by Steve Jobs (Apple) of ILM's animation department, and realizing the potential of computer graphics, Lasseter leaves Disney where he takes on roles of increasing interest in just a few years, leading the production department completely.

Soon said, he started as a director of some commercials but then totally slingshot in the animated field with the results of the first shorts such as: Luxo Jr. (1986), Oscar candidate and whose character is all now the studio's symbol, Red's Dream (1987), Tin Toy (1988) which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, and Knickknack (1989).

But this was only the first note of a symphony hiding around the corner, a grand symphony that was ready to open a new era. In 1995 he sees the light Toy Story, the first full-length film in the world made entirely in computer graphics. The story, the realization, the product itself is a masterpiece without terms that brings to the producers (Disney) almost 200 million dollars only in the USA only compared to the expenditure of only 30 millions and the Academy Awards to assign in 1996 a special Oscar for technological progress in animation cinema. The following is A Bug's Life (1998) (which earns more than 160 million), Toy Story 2 (1999) (which exceeds 250 only at home) and then a lot of production with all the blockbusters released under the Pixar brand, all with dizzying revenues, until the return behind the virtual camera for Cars (2006).

With the unification of Disney and Pixar in 2006, John become the official Creative Director of both studios. With more power in hand and many ideas, the future looks much brighter behind those round glasses.

His colleagues and subordinates do not speak very well of him, indeed, in the periods before the conclusion of a feature film the benevolent and playful character is closed in a drawer and a lion shows up in its place. But colleagues also know that this is one of its strengths, to ensure that a project is guaranteed to have the quality of a Pixar product.
John is also a great fan of Anime, especially the Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki products in particular. He is his great friend and produces and directs the adaptations of Ghibli features for the American territory. His favorite anime is Laputa - Castle in the Sky.

The turning point as a child: I was standing a meter away from the television eating corn flakes. This was my life as a child. And then I discovered that there were people who designed cartoons by profession, so I decided that when I grew up I wanted to do this job.
One of his dreams: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is 60 years old. It looks old, but my children look at Snow White fascinated. I hope my films are like these.

In 2018 his role of Creative Chief has been given to Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee.

In 2019 John Lasseter has been hired by Skydance Animation as the head of their animation studio.

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