Event: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Data: 21-12
Born December 21, 1950 in New York. He is a US film producer. He is the co-founder with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen of the production company DreamWorks SKG, where he deals with the animation department thanks to his experience in the same field on behalf of Walt Disney Pictures.

Despite his excellent work at the animation department of Walt Disney Pictures, which saved the bankruptcy overseeing projects such as The Lion King, following the non recognition of his contribution to the company, Jeffrey Katzenberg decided in 1994 to leave the Studio and founded with Spielberg and Geffen their new production company. Among the films he supervised is Shrek, which achieved great economic success and won the first Oscar for best animation film of the year.

In 2004 the DreamWorks Animation studios became a separate company leaving Katzenberg in charge.

In 2015, one of the two campuses was closed, the one acquired a few years before that brought the brand PDI, Pacifica Data Image and licensing about 500 artists.

In 2016 the DreamWorks Animation is acquired by the giant NBC Universal for which Katzenberk loses his seat and is moved to the DreamWorks New Media collateral (Awesomeness TV and NOVA), remaining available as a consultant.

In 2018 opens the startup NewTV, describes "to take what Apple and Netflix and HBO are doing, and translate it into 10-minute-or-less shows".

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