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Poupelle of Chimney Town is the new Studio 4C anime
Poupelle of Chimney Town is the new Studio 4C anime
A story of hope and adventure in a city out of the ordinary. These are the premises of the new anime film of the renewed Studio 4 C. Below the teaser trailer for Poupelle of Chimney Town.
Poupelle di Chimney Town tells the story of young Lubicchi living among the thick smoke from the chimneys of his isolated town. Lubicchi yearns to see the stars and blue sky his father always told him about, and one fateful Halloween night he meets Poupelle, made of rubbish and scraps stuck to a wayward heart.

These are the premises of the new anime directed by veteran CG animator Yusuke Hirota based on the children's book with the same name by Akihiro Nishino published in 2009 whose illustrations were produced by 33 different illustrators hired through a crowdfunding. Nishino himself is the author of the screenplay as well as executive producer of the film.

Expected to hit Japanese theaters in December, the film will hit international markets in 2021.

The book sold over 400,000 copies at home before being distributed for free on the official website (also in English) [link].

Here the teaser:

[ Fra - source CartoonBrew ]
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