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Mr. Miao - a new Chinese animated film in anime style
Mr. Miao - a new Chinese animated film in anime style
A new and interesting animated feature film will arrive in Chinese cinemas in a few days. It's titled Mr. Miao (original Miao Xian Sheng) and below we present the trailer.
The film is an epic adventure of historical and mythological genre with a design very close to Japanese anime, with parts of the story that bring us back in mind Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.

The story features an imaginary golden flower with great magical abilities but which accepts only good-hearted people and dissolves those who are not worthy of it. Will a group of martial arts warriors face the dilemma of killing good people to save men from sin?

Based on a short film entirely written and made by Bu Sifan, the film is written by himself and directed by the young Li Lingxiao, while the studios that produced it are the Coloroom Pictures, subsidiaries of the Chinese entertainment titan Enlight Media.

Initially scheduled to be released in late 2019, the film has now been reprogrammed in Chinese theaters in a couple of days: July 31st.

Here the trailer and a poster:

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