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AnimeShort: Earth is dying and we are doing nothing
AnimeShort: Earth is dying and we are doing nothing
We start a new year with an animated short film produced and made in Italy which deals with an increasingly important theme, so nobody is doing enough yet. Animeshort presents Anthropocene, LOL.
We fly to Turin, Italy, to meet the creative minds of Nerdo Studio with their personal vision of our day, talking about the environment and more.

Venice is flooded by the highest tide since 1960.
Australia is under catastrophic bushfires.
In California over 94,000 acres have already burned.
We are living the 6th mass extinction (remember dinosaurs?).
We ingest five gr of plastic every week.
Trump confirms U.S. will leave the Paris climate agreement.
Jane Fonda got arrested four times in a row because of her activism.

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