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Sylvain Chomet is ready for the Thousand Miles and a new school
Sylvain Chomet is ready for the Thousand Miles and a new school
The brilliant French animator Sylvain Chomet, author of Appointment in Belleville and The Illusionist is working on interesting projects, including his animation school.
The new animated feature film that the French artist is working on is titled The Thousand Miles, made with a budget of 12 million euros currently in production.

The story is set in 1950s Italy, where two middle-aged brothers go on a magical odyssey through their past as they take part in the world's most beautiful car race: the Mille Miglia.

No release dates have been announced. Here an artwork:

The new school that is ready to be inaugurated will be called Sylvain Chomet Animation Academy or more simply The SChool (like the S and C are the initials of the artist), a school of professional animation that will open in the North of France next year.

The author, director, animator and even musician Chomet is one of the most appreciated artists in the animation industry, working on bi-dimensional animations, the most classic of the techniques with which he created two masterpieces in 2003 and 2010.

Passionate about the techniques developed by Walt Disney over half a century ago, he move them to the new millennium with the advent of digital, also using the use of three-dimensional elements perfectly integrated in the 2D projects.

Now comes the news that in September 2020 Chomet will open its personal Academy in Bayeux, in the north of France. Strategic position chosen for its proximity to the United Kingdom.

The school will offer three-year courses also in English, to allow students to practice with the language most used in international projects.

"The goal is to ensure employment for students, not a diploma" says Chomet himself. "They will be directed by mentors, not teachers, who will follow the path of the students until the third year and their graduation film."

The other artists called to direct the school are Jerome Eho (storyboard artist), Jerome Felix (background artist) and Paul Gastine (animator and anatomy expert). At the head of the school we find the director Dimitri Danger and the manager, producer and wife Sally Chomet.

The website of the school is:

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