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Lupin III The First - For the first time in 3D CG
Lupin III The First - For the first time in 3D CG
The popular gentleman thief Lupin III is ready for a new adventure. New for the style: for the first time it will have a 3D design in computer graphics. Below the first animations for Lupine III - The First.
The Japanese distributor Toho revealed it a few hours ago, announcing that behind the production, direction and script, there is Takashi Yamazaki (Stand By Me Doraemon, Dragon Quest: Your Story), an artist who has already worked with CG productions.

It will also be the first production after the death of its author Monkey Punch last April.

We don't know if the new design will be accepted by fans, certainly far from the classic 2D with which the character was identified (always). But there is always a first time...

In Japanese theaters on December 6, 2019, waiting other news about the story, here the first 3D CG animations:

[ Fra - source Toho ]
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