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Popeye returns with a new web series for 90th Anniversary
Popeye returns with a new web series for 90th Anniversary
The legendary Popeye, a character who has accompanied many generations, is ready to return for an important anniversary with a brand new web series dedicated to the younger audience.
2019 is the year of the 90th anniversary of the legendary sailor spinach lover and all their friends with a new production.

King Features Syndicate (part of Hearst Ent.) introduces Popeye's Island Adventures, a new web series released on the official YouTube channel Popeye And Friends [channel], a series of original short created with classics two-dimensional animations and without dialogues.

The production will bring back the classic squash and stretch animations but with a revised design, more rounded, directed to a younger audience. News also in the construction of stories, more eco-friendly, and characters, with Olivia no longer seen as a damself perpetually in danger but an independent feminist with a strong character. The villain always remains Bluto, now mainly interested in the miraculous Popeye's spinach.

A new generation of kids will be able to know these characters, closer to the most used media in our day.

Here the first and complete episode:

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