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Dragon Ball Super The Movie - revealed infos, poster and date
Dragon Ball Super The Movie - revealed infos, poster and date
The mythical series on the Saiyan fighters, Dragon Ball will be back at the end of the year with a new and awaited movie. Below the new details and a first poster.
It is the 20th Dragon Ball movie, the popular series created by Akira Toriyama, that will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will land in Japanese theaters on December 14, with the tagline "The greatest enemy, Saiyan".

Toriyama will be writer and character designer of the movie. He comment:

Everyone, do you know who Broly is?
He appeared only in past anime films, and is a ridiculously strong Saiyan.

Even now it seems Broly is still very popular not just in Japan, but overseas as well, and because of that, the supervisors suggested, "Why don't we make the movie about Broly this time?"

At that time I was shown the film, and I felt that it would become really interesting depending on how it's arranged, so we started talking immediately about including [Broly] into the Dragon Ball Super series.

Of course, the film won't just show amazing battles it will also show what kind of fate Goku, Vegeta, and Broly will follow when they meet; how the Frieza Army is connected; and the history of the Saiyans the content of the film is dramatic and has a huge scale.

That greatest Saiyan, Broly, appears!
There will be lots of other content that will be included for all the fans, so please look forward to it and wait a little longer until it is complete!!

Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) is directing the film, Naohiro Shintani is serving as animation director, Kazuo Ogura is serving as art director and Norihito Sumitomo is composing the music.

Those who pre-order tickets for the movie in Japan will receive one of two charms for Goku and Vegeta, a special product that change color based on the temperature (turning into Super Saiyan). A limited edition of 50,000.

Here the teaser poster:

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